COVID19 Update & Charitable donation

Based on the current COVID19 situation, please note the following wee updates:

  • Delivery times: Delivery times may take a bit longer than normal; notably if your order is posted outside of the UK. So far the royal mail has been doing a fine job. We pack up & post all orders as quickly as we can; but please be patient - it will be worth the wait!
  • Donation per sale: Going forward I will be donating 10% of all profits per sale to "Crisis Kitchen Bali" - I really wanted to give back to the community which inspired & helped create the brand. Bali is also going through an incredibly tough time with no tourism, the job & living situation for many Balinese is incredibly worrying. Therefore, CANTIK will be supporting the amazing work of "Crisis Kitchen Bali" whilst the borders of Bali are still closed to tourism. 

For any other questions, feedback or just to say "hiya" please contact us at: