CANTIK by Camilla - Now stocked on Wolf & Badger!

We are thrilled to announce that CANTIK by Camilla are is now stocked on Wolf & Badger, alongside the world's best Independent brands. 

We've come along way since we launched in 2019 since we launched with some fuzzy photos on my mum's iPhone4 with a small collection of handmade jewellery from Bali. I'd built this collection up as and when I could afford to whilst freelancing & recovering from chronic fatigue in the island of the Gods.

Being stocked on Wolf & Badger allows us to maintain our independence, whilst being able ship our handcrafted goods worldwide with ease. We're excited to welcome more members into our CANTIK clan!

Big thanks to all the team in Bali, my mother (head of international dispatch, who packs all your orders by hand in Scotland) & all my friends who have donated their time & talents.

We're off to do a little celebration dance & cheers to this exciting chapter.

With love, Camilla x


CANTIK by Camilla stocked on Wolf & Badger