You shop, we donate.

Kids at the kitchen 


I'm so pleased to announce that from the start of our ring collection launch this bank holiday weekend, CANTIK by Camilla will be donating to the amazing "Crisis Kitchen Bali" 10% of profits on every sale.

As if you needed any more temptation, you now have the added bonus of knowing that your purchase of a gold gift for yourself or another, is also giving back & supporting the community which inspired it. 


Crisis Kitchen Bali


It's not all Bintang beers & sunsets over in Bali right now; as whilst borders are closed the tourism industry which drives this special island's economy has collapsed.

I've been thinking long & hard about how as a brand CANTIK can connect & support those struggling in Bali & I'm thrilled to say we will be running this partnership until the end of June. What's more, the more sales generated, means the more I can reinvest in more orders with my lovely local suppliers back in Bali whose workshops are slowly opening up again. 

Such a small amount goes such a very long way, and we're so grateful to all the volunteers & hard work of those on the ground at Crisis Kitchen Bali. To find out more about how your purchase will be supporting their work, have a read here:


In the words of Crisis kitchen: #baliwegotyou & I can't wait to return as soon as I can.

With love from Scotland, Camilla x