About us

CANTIK by Camilla

Dreamt up, designed & handmade in Bali, CANTIK by Camilla is a collection of delicate gold plated pieces from Indonesia. 

Pronounced "CHAN-TEAK" (think, like Antique!) this translates from Bahasa Indonesian as "Beautiful". 

Our Story

Camilla came on holiday to Bali, adored everything about it & never caught her flight home. True story. Camilla has always been a lover of all things gold (diva) and was instantly drawn to the quality & local craftsmanship. Camilla wears every piece herself, and starting CANTIK was an excellent excuse to purchase the whole range for herself!

The concept behind our collection is to be fully customisable to your style. Simply choose your chain length & the pendant you most desire. Choose an adjustable ring & create a stack. Mix & match our studs & hoop earrings. Then layer up, double up & have a play with the many beautiful options. 

All our pieces are lovingly handmade in Bali, near Ubud. Each piece has been handpicked by Camilla & curated into the collection you see here today. Inspired by the spiritual, the feminine & tropical vibe of Bali each piece has been carefully chosen with this in mind. 

We would to hear from you! For press or other enquiries please e-mail us at: info@cantikbycamilla.com